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A Brief History of Qinghua Chinese School 


In The Beginning---


Qinghua Chinese School was founded in October 1984. It started with only 27 students and 5 teachers at the Greenford Community Centre.


There was initially very limited government funding or other funding available to the school. All the teachers were volunteers. With the hard work, dedication and determination of the founding members, teaching staff and parents of the school, Qinghua has grown steadily, since its humble beginnings.


The Brent branch was established in 1985, and Harrow and Ealing branches were established soon after that. Qinghua Chinese School Charitable Trust was registered in 1993.


Founding Members of the School:

Rita Chen

Kah-Geh Chong

Siew-Hua Chong

Ji-Fu Huang

Siew-Chiau Huang

Huifen Shang Yang

Chingyun Yang

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