Executive Committee Members 

(Sept 2019 to Aug 2020)


Chairman:         Dr. Yang Ching Yun           


Secretary:         Mr. Tho Poo Chuan             


Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Philip T V Chin



Head Teacher:  Dr. HuiFen Shang Yang



Company Directors:

Dr. Yang Ching Yun

Dr. Luo Jian Yang 

Mr. Philip Chin T V



2019-2020 学年学校董事会






董事:章家霓, 戴秀华, 罗建扬 , 陈燕英, 陈美兰 ,

林福吉 , 张 健,王宏强,杨东艳

All Committee Members and the Trustees are volunteers,

receiving no monetary payment from the school.

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Head Teacher :

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020 8861 4983

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