School Fees info for new Academic year 2021/2022 (Bank Transfer only)


Adult Class:

Per Term: £75.00

Annually: £225.00


Children Classes:

One Child Annually: £200.00

(Per term: £70.00)

Two Children from same family Annually: £400.00

(per term: £140.00)

Three Children from same family Annually: £500.00

(per term: £175.00)

Four Children from same Family Annually: £600.00

(per term: £210.00)

5th and 6th Child from same family are free of charge

GCSE Class per student:

Annually:  £225.00 + £10 for past papers


In addition, the cost of textbooks 

and workbooks will be £20.00 per 

year per student in the children’s classes.


Students in the Pre-GCSE, GCSE and 

adult classes will need to purchase 

the school assigned textbooks on 

their own.


Please contact the Head Teacher by email with your child/children info to obtain the proper invoice and the school bank account details for school fees payment.

Head Teacher: Mrs. Bo Clarke: