Fees from September 2019


Adult Class

Termly      Annually    Annually (bank*) 

£65.00      £190.00       £180.00


Children’s Class


One child  

Termly      Annually    Annually (bank*) 

£65.00     £190.00       £180.00

Two children from same family 

Termly      Annually    Annually (bank*)

£130.00     £380.00       £360.00

Three children from same family 

Termly      Annually    Annually (bank*)

£160.00     £470.00       £450.00

Four children from same family

Termly      Annually    Annually (bank*)

£190.00    £560.00         £540.00

GCSE Class – each person

Annually    Annually (bank*)

£200.00        £190.00


In addition, the cost of textbooks

and workbooks will be £20.00 per

year per student in children’s classes.


Students of Pre-GCSE, GCSE and

adult classes will need to purchase

the school assigned textbooks on

their own.


For new students who join after the

half term, a £35.00 fee per student

is payable for the remaining term

plus the cost of the text & work

books where applicable.

Dancing class in Ealing branch 

fees is £30 per term each student.

* If you plan to pay the school fees by Bank Transfer, please contact the Head Teacher by email with your children’s info, to obtain the proper invoice, and the School’s bank account details: shanghuifen@yahoo.co.uk,.

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