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School Fees info for new Academic year 2023/2024 (Bank Transfer only)

Due to the huge increase in the school classroom rental charges and cost of cleaning requirement in accordance with the government Covid19 regulations, we will be increasing the school fee charges slightly for the coming 2023/2024 year to cover our cost. 


Adult Class:

Per Term: £95.00

Annually: £285.00


Children Classes:

One Child Annually: £270.00

(Per term: £95.00)

Two Children from same family Annually: £540.00

(per term: £190.00)

Three Children from same family Annually: £675.00

(per term: £235.00)

Four Children from same Family Annually: £810.00

(per term: £285.00)

5th and 6th Child from same family are free of charge

GCSE Class per student:

Annually:  £285.00 + £10 for past papers


In addition, the cost of textbooks 

and workbooks will be £20.00 per 

year per student in the children’s classes.


Students in the Pre-GCSE, GCSE and 

adult classes will need to purchase 

the school assigned textbooks on 

their own.


Please contact the Head Teacher by email with your child/children info to obtain the proper invoice and the school bank account details for school fees payment.

Head Teacher: Mrs. Bo Clarke:

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