School Lessons update for September 2020 (10th Aug. 2020)

The school is now preparing our teachers to start online lessons for the September Autumn term for both the Harrow and the Ealing Branch. The online lessons will be based on the use of the free-of-charge “Zoom online meeting” application. 

Once our teachers are through the required online teaching training, Each teacher will contact their class students/parents by email to inform them of the time/day of the week for the online lessons, plus providing the required meeting ID and Password to allow students to connect into the online sessions. More details from each teacher in due course.

The forth-coming September term online lessons will be “free of charge” for all students who registered and attended the school at both branches during the last Autumn and Spring term. New students will not be accepted for this Autumn term. But this will be reviewed and may be open for new students starting the Spring term in January 2021.


The parents/students at the school including the Ealing branch are encouraged to contact the head teacher Mrs. HuiFen Yang and Dr. Jian Yang Luo to request for the refund of the 2020 summer term school fees asap, before the last week of August 2020. Request for refund thereafter may not be accepted due to the closing of the school financial year.




本校计划今年 九月秋季学期在 Harrow和 Ealing 校区开设网课,现在老师们正在接受培训。网课采用免费下载的Zoom 软件。


老师完成网上教学培训后, 每位老师会通知该班的学生和家长, 每周网课的日期和时间,上课 ID 和密码, 或把链接发到家长群里,学生打开链接,输入密码就可以进入网上课堂了。


今年 九月秋季学期的网课不收学费,凡是2019/2020秋季和春季学期已注册上课的学生均可参加, 九月秋季学期不收新生。2021年 1月学校将重新评估, 有可能招收新生。


因为学校会计年度即将在8 月底结束,2019/2020已付全年学费的家长,请在 8 月下旬前提出申请退回 2020 年夏季学期的学费,与校长杨商惠芬联络,并提供您的银行资料, 以便办理退费事宜。


QingHua School Committee