Ealing Branch Teachers

Mrs S. CHONG  戴秀华

Senior Teacher 


Originally from Malaysia, Ms Chong has lived in London for 40 years. She joined Qinghua in 1990 as the reception class teacher. Many years of teaching experience and training have helped her to develop effective tools for teaching British-born children Mandarin and Chinese culture. Ms Chong is voluntarily supporting junior teachers and acts as a supply teacher at the Ealing branch

Ms.  Miao JIANG  姜 淼

Ealing Class One Teacher  


Ms Jiang is a native Mandarin speaker, originally from northern China.  She joined the Qinghua staff as a teaching assistant in 2015 and is currently teaching Class 1.  Ms Jiang completed the Goldsmiths, University of London certificate course for teaching of community languages in 2017.

Lu LiJia Photo.jpeg

Ms Lijia LU   吕立佳 

Ealing Class Two Teacher  

Originally from Beijing, Teacher Lu has studied and lived in the U.K. for twenty years. She worked as a Mandarin teacher/tutor after she completed Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language course from Middlesex University U.K & London Ming-Ai Institute in 2011. Teacher Lu is very passionate about perfecting the art of “effective” teaching, she believes immersion, engagement and hard work will achieve the results she is looking for in her pupils.


Mrs PeiLing SLEEMAN  施佩伶

Ealing Class Three Teacher


Originally from Taiwan and a graduate from the University of Brighton. She is a qualified Level 3 teaching assistant and has experience working in a UK primary school for over 2 years. She enjoys teaching and working with children and believes that parental support at home is equally as important as learning in the classroom. Mrs Sleeman joined Qinghua teaching team in September 2019.


Ms Ping WEN  问萍

 Ealing Class Four Teacher  

Originally from Beijing, Ms Wen has been living in the UK for 15 years after completing her study in France for master degree in international finance. She joined the Qinghua teaching staff in 2010. Ms Wen loves to be with the children, seeing them play together, appreciating their hard working, and harvest happiness during the teaching.

Sophia Chen Li  Cropped.jpg

Ms Sophia Chen Li  陈礼 

Ealing Class Five Teacher  

She has an MA degree in Hospitality Management and a BA degree in Business Marketing from West London University. Ms Chen has lived in London since 2002, and was originally from the Henan province in central China. Ms Chen is always passionate about teaching the Mandarin Chinese language and is eager to make progressions with her students on their learning journey. Ms Chen is currently working as software operation support specialist in a High Tech company during the week.


Lilly Song_1.jpg

Ms Lily Cang’Ou SONG 宋沧鸥 

Ealing Class Six Teacher   

Harrow Class Four Teacher

Originated in Harbin China and graduated from Harbin Normal University, Ms Song has 13 years valuable teaching experiences. She is Full of passion and energy, and she likes to give full attention to her pupils and encourages them to learn with a happy and easy way. 

Ms LiHua ZHAO  赵丽华

Ealing Class Pre-GCSE Teacher

Ms Zhao is graduate of the Beijing Foreign Affairs College in English in China.  While living in London, she gained a qualification of Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign language at the Ming Ai Institute, London. Ms Zhao works as a part time CCTV News producer. She joined the Qinghua teaching staff in 2011. She believes that a good understanding of the culture will encourage students to learn the language.


Ms Jian ZHANG 张健  

Harrow Class GCSE Teacher 

Ealing Class GCSE Teacher

Originating from Beijing, China, Ms Zhang has been teaching at Qinghua for 20 years, specialising in teaching GCSE classes at Harrow and Ealing branches.

Ms YinMei TANG  唐银梅 

Ealing Class Adult A2 Teacher

Ms Tang has taught Chinese in the UK for more than 10 years. She teaches Chinese at Qinghua and a mainstream primary school. Over the years, her pupils have ranged from ages 4 to 91 and from beginners to A-Level students.

Ms XiaoYing LI  李小英

Ealing Dancing Class Teacher

Ms Li studied dance in China from very young age. As a professional dancer, she has performed in China and Hungary. Since 1999, Ms Li has taught the dancing class at Qinghua, including Chinese folk dances and basic ballet practice. The Qinghua dancing group not only performs at school, but also participates in cultural performances organised by the UK Federation of Chinese Schools – winning competition prizes in 2011, 2012 and 2013.