Harrow Branch Teachers

Mrs Bo CLARKE  李波 

Harrow Class One A Teacher  


Born in Changchun, China and educated at Beijing Jiao Tong University, Ms Clark previously worked at Changchun Railway Electronic Research Company and Shen Zhen Great Wall Computer Company in China. She has taught at Qinghua for over 10 years, currently teaching the reception class.

Ms Anthea CHOU 周之清

Harrow Class One B Teacher  


Ms Chou joined Qing Hua Chinese School in 2015. She has plenty of experience working with children. Previously teaching at Hess Language School in Taipei, she became interested in finding out how to engage children in the learning of Mandarin when her son began attending Chinese weekend schools in London. Ms Chou obtained her Certificate in the Teaching of Community Languages (Chinese) from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2018. Ms Chou focuses her classes on listening, speaking and distinguishing between the four tones - all within a fun environment using stories, games, songs and rhymes. During the week, Ms Chou works for Teaching & Learning Support Team at Queen Mary University of London.

Ms Yulong TAN 谭玉龙

Harrow Class Two A Teacher  


Ms Tan is originally from Guangdong in China and moved in  UK in 2005. She speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin. She graduated from a college in China with a degree in computing science. Ms Tan joined Qinghua in 2017 as a teaching assistant and a supply teacher.  She now teaches Class 2A in the Harrow branch. Ms Tan loves working with children and hopes to inspire children to understand Chinese language and culture through her work at Qinghua. Ms Tan completed the Ming-Ai (London) Institute,Teaching Chinese as a Foreigh Language (Mandarin) Certificate of Achievement in July 2019.

Mrs Yue FORTH   卓越

Harrow Class Two B Teacher  

Ms Forth graduated from Minjiang University in China and, for several years, worked at the Association of Literature and Arts in Fujian, followed by a teaching position in a high school in China. Ms Forth joined the Qinghua teaching staff in 2007. 


Ms Yan LIU   刘妍

Harrow Class Three A Teacher  

Ms Yan Liu graduated from Nankai University, China and obtained a Masters degree in the U.K. She has worked in the education sector for over 8 years in the UK and, in 2017, founded the Moerduo English singing and learning class in China. Ms Liu is passionate about teaching and enjoys working with children. She joined the Qinghua teaching staff in September 2017. Ms Liu has recently attended the Goldsmiths, University of London certificate course for the teaching of community languages.


Ms XueMei WANG  王雪梅 

Harrow Class Three B Teacher  

An MBA graduate from Monash University, Australia and M.Sc. graduate of the London School of Economics, Ms Wang works as a Business Development Manager in the UK insurance industry during the working week. Ms Wang joined the Qinghua teaching staff in 2011.


Ms Lily Cang’Ou SONG 宋沧鸥 

Harrow Class Four Teacher

Ealing Class Two Teacher   

Originated in Harbin China and graduated from Harbin Normal University, Ms Song has 13 years valuable teaching experiences. She is Full of passion and energy, and she likes to give full attention to her pupils and encourages them to learn with a happy and easy way. 


Ms Liang MA 马良 

Harrow Class Five & Class Seven Teacher  

Ms Ma joined the Qinghua teaching staff in 2008. Originally from Beijing Ms Ma has a typical and traditional standard Chinese/Beijing official dialect and has considerable experience in teaching Chinese to students of all ages and abilities. She brings that exuberance to students throughout her teaching career at Qinghua. Ms Ma has finished the Goldsmiths, University of London certificate course for the teaching of community languages.


Ms LiPing GAO  郜丽萍 

Harrow Class Six Teacher  

Ealing Class Five Teacher

Originally from Northern China, Ms Gao joined the Qinghua teaching staff in 2001. She thoroughly enjoys teaching Chinese to pupils, particularly children and young adults. She would like to inspire more people in the wider community to attend Qinghua language classes.


Mrs H. HARTLEY  韩萍 

Harrow Pre-GCSE Teacher

Ealing Class Six Teacher

Originally from Qingdao, China, Ms Hartley moved to the UK in 1987. Ms Hartley started teaching at Qinghua 15 years ago when her daughter enrolled as a pupil. Ms Hartley believes that classroom management and parental support is essential to pupil-led learning progression. She enjoys teaching at Qinghua, as it enables her to maintain contact with the Chinese community in London.

Ms Jian ZHANG 张健  

Harrow Class GCSE Teacher 

Ealing Class GCSE Teacher

Originating from Beijing, China, Ms Zhang has been teaching at Qinghua for 20 years, specialising in teaching GCSE classes at Harrow and Ealing branches.

Ms YinMei TANG  唐银梅 

Harrow Class Adult A2 Teacher 

Ealing Class Adult A1 Teacher

 Ms Tang has taught Chinese in the UK for more than 10 years. She teaches Chinese at Qinghua and a mainstream primary school. Over the years, her pupils have ranged from ages 4 to 91 and from beginners to A-Level students.

Ms YunHua YUAN  袁云华

Harrow Class Adult A3 Teacher 


Originally from Shanghai, China, Ms Yuan has worked in the UK for 15 years. She thoroughly enjoys teaching Chinese to her students and joined the Qinghua teaching staff in 2011.

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