School Lessons update for new Academic year 2021/2022 


Remaining online for the new academic year

The Board of Governors of Qinghua Chinese School have decided that all classes will remain online for the academic year 2021 – 2022. The decision was based on the following reasons;

  • The safety of the students and the teachers needs to be protected as the Covid19 pandemic situation still remains uncertain.

  • The Governors of Whitmore High School and West Acton Primary School that Qinghua Chinese School uses for its Saturday classes have not fully clarified their positions with regard to allowing the Saturday classes on premise.


Classes to be improved and revert to 2 hours duration

As classes will remain online, Qinghua Chinese School will upgrade its Zoom software to ZoomPro so that all class sessions will be continuous and without interruption after 40 minutes. This will also allow us to revert back to the full 2 hour lesson schedule like before the pandemic lockdown, with a short break where needed. For the younger classes in Year 1 and Year 2, lessons may be less than 2 hours, but this will be agreed between the relevant class teachers and parents during the first 2 weeks of lessons.


First increase in fees in 4 years

School fees for the academic year 2021 – 2022 will be slightly increased. For specific details please visit the school fees page on the new school website. The small increase is the first in 4 years and is necessary to cover the extra costs incurred. The school would encourage parents and students to pay the school fees annually in order to reduce extra administrations due to the school’s limited voluntary work forces. If any parent or student has difficulty paying the school fee yearly due to family financial issues, please contact and discuss with the Headteacher for various options of payment.



Just prior to this announcement, West Acton Primary School has confirmed that we will be unable to use their premises for the academic year 2021-22.



Mrs. Bo Clarke:   




2021-2022 学年清华学校将继续上网课


  • 由于Covid-19疫情的控制情况仍然不稳定,学生和教师的安全需要得到保护。

  • 清华学校Harrow 和 Ealing校区租借的校舍---Whitmore High School 和 West Acton Primary School 的负责人对于我们新学年是否可以回到教室,还没有明确的答复。



由于所有课程保持在线上,清华学校决定将其Zoom 软件升级到ZoomPro, 这样课程在40分钟后不会自动切断,课时恢复为2小时,中间有短暂休息,与疫情前实体教学一致。对于低年级(一年级和二年级)的班级,老师可根据情况减少课时,不一定上2个小时,这将在开学前二周内,由相关老师和家长商定。



2021-2022 学年的学费将略有增加,有关详情请查阅学校新网站(上学费页面。学费的小幅增长是四年来的第一次,也是支付网课期间的额外费用所需。




附注:清华学校刚刚收到通知,West Acton Primary School在2021-2022学年将不租借其校舍。