School Lessons update for Spring/Summer Term 2021

(14th Nov 2020 update)


Following the successful free-of-charge online lesson trial for the Autumn term 2020, the school will continue to run the online classes for the Spring and Summer term for 2021.


However, the lessons will be chargeable for all pupils attending the classes, starting from the Spring term in January 2021. All parents are encouraged to pay for the Spring and Summer term school fee by bank transfer as per the 2019 procedure. Please contact the Head Teacher Dr. HuiFen Shang Yang, or Mrs. Bo Clarke by email with your children’s information to obtain your specific school fee invoice, to ensure the correct amount is paid, by the end of December 2020.




Mrs. Bo Clarke:  - Morning Harrow Branch   

Dr.HuiFen Shang Yang: - Afternoon Ealing Branch


The school will also welcome new students who would like to join the various online classes starting from the Spring term. Please contact the individual Head Teacher, by email for the enrolment information.



伦敦清华学校 2021 年春季和夏季学期网课最新公告




从 2021 年春季学期起,凡是上网课的学生都需缴交学费。家长如付春季和夏季两个学期学费可享有折扣,请参阅网站有关学费的讯息。有意报名参加网课的家长,请电邮通知校长杨商惠芬和李波校长,告知您子女的姓名,班级和就读校区,学校得以发给您学费通知, 并请在今年12月底以银行转帐支付学费,学生将根据学费收据进入网上课堂。


此外,从春季学期起,本校招收新生, 根据学生年龄和中文水平安排进入合适的班级。如需进一步资讯,请和校长联络。



李波校长:                            上午班 Harrow 校区

杨商惠芬校长: ,         下午班 Ealing   校区