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Dr. Huifen SHANG YANG  商惠芬


BA & MA in Education, PhD in Applied Linguistics


Ms Shang Yang has extensive experience of teaching in pre-school nurseries, secondary schools and universities in Taiwan, UK and continental Europe. As one of the joint founders of Qinghua School, she is passionate about working closely with a team of dedicated teachers who, together, help their pupils develop a life-long interest in Chinese language and culture.

Mrs Bo Clarke  李波 

New Headteacher  Bsc 


Born in Changchun, northeast China and educated at Beijing Jiao Tong University. Mrs Clarke previously worked at Shen Zhen Great Wall Computer Company and Changchun Railway Electronic Research Company in China. She has taught at Qinghua School for over 15 years. Mrs Clarke passionately believes in using education to expand minds and horizons. She also maintains that the work of the Qinghua School is to give its students the confidence to communicate effectively which then opens the door to the riches of the Chinese culture. 

Ms. Helen LiHua Zhao   赵丽华  

Headteacher Assistant

Ms Zhao is graduate of the Beijing Foreign Affairs College in English in China.  While living in London, she gained a qualification of Teaching Mandarin as a Foreign language at the Ming Ai Institute, London. Ms Zhao works as a part time CCTV News producer. She joined the Qinghua teaching staff in 2011. She believes that a good understanding of the culture will encourage students to learn the language. She also teaches at Ealing for the Pre-GCSE Class.