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Variety Show 2019 - Ealing branch

in celebration of Qinghua Chinese School’s 35th Anniversary

Saturday 8thJune 2019 at 3:30pm






Master of Ceremony                                   Zhang Jian

Welcome Speech                                        Huifen Shang Yang

Children Songs                                           Class 1

Musical Instrument:


"Egyption Level"                                     Ella GASPER 

‘Romance’ by Beethoven                     Steven KORMUSHEV

"Lesson in C" and "Waltz"                      Noor GOEFFERS

Guitar                                                     Patrick Hobbs      

Dance: Little Stars                                      Qinghua Dance Group

Poetry Recitation                                        Class 2

Solo Dance: Red Dragonfly                       Jessica Chan

Solo Song: Say Something                        Mia Gasper


Linking Chinese Idioms                              Pre-GCSE class


Dance: Happy Celebration                        Qinghua Dance Group



Our sincere gratitude to the school committee, parents, teachers, students and everyone who has helped with this 


三十五周年校庆学生文艺汇演节目表 Ealing校区

2019 年6 月8 日下午3 时半


司仪                                                              张健老师




合唱:早上起来洗洗脸                                  第一班






 ‘Egyption Level’                                          陈品绮

 ‘Romance’ by Beethoven                            Steven KORMUSHEV

‘Lesson in C’  &‘Waltz’                                  Noor GOEFFERS


吉他独奏:        ‘Mamamia’                           黄煜宸

舞蹈:小星星                                                 清华舞蹈班


诗歌朗诵:咏鹅                                              第二班


舞蹈:红蜻蜓                                                   陈燕榆


獨唱:Say Something                                     陈映绮


成语接龙                                                          Pre-GCSE班


舞蹈:彩云飘  贺校庆                                      清华舞蹈班

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